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Keyless® LOmnia launch your Business to next level
The perfect software engine that allows you to generate and manage Keyless QR Codes in full autonomy without the help of Keyless Servers.
LOmnia generates Qr Code for setup and use for all Okulo & MHOM control units around the world.
Through a simple API you can query LOmnia and instantly receive the QR Codes & MHOM Codes you need, or consult the database without accessing it directly.
If necessary, you can also find out if one or more control units have lost their Internet connection.
Furthermore, managing connected or disconnected remote openings are no longer a problem and remain only as distant memory.

and...NOW, SMILE

Autonomy, a precious asset

the minimum requirements for our standards
Your customers can receive the QR Code & Code directly from the service you offer via:

App for SmartPhone
Property Management System
Management software for various types of rentals
Ticketing Management
Space orchestration software and access permissions
High security access management
(Airports, Customs Areas, Ministerial Offices, Banks, Military Areas, Government Areas)

Privacy and Security
LOmnia Keyless®, installed on its own local Server, guarantees maximum security in terms of Privacy and handling of sensitive data.
All the QR Code & Codes generation processes remain on your Server.
Security is determined by the capacity of the local EDP and its Servers.

Internet traffic
LOmnia Keyless®, allows you to avoid using the Internet if installed on local servers.

AES256 algorithm
The generation of QR Codes & Codes for the Keyless® (Okulo / MHOM) systems for opening doors or activating Keyless® services are protected by an AES256 algorithm based on Server / Client technology.



do it yourself and well
no transit on remote Servers
LOmnia Keyless® is a software engine equipped with the AES256 Keyless® algorithm that allows you to generate QR Codes & Codes for Okulo (all versions) and MHOM in full autonomy without going through the online Keyless® Servers.

LOmnia Keyless® can be installed on various platforms (Windows 10, Mac OSX with Intel chip, Mac OSX with M1 chip, Linux)
It is based on MySql and is a compiled software executable with a couple of clicks.

Multithreading through LOmnia takes place exclusively through the application that controls the subdivision of processes into threads. The operating system and processor only receive individual “commands”.
The hardware structure then behaves passively and simply processes the threads individually as they arrive. The system establishes a priority level for each thread. Higher levels are performed faster. In the meantime, with this technique, new processes can be entered for execution and must be completed quickly.

Imnia can process the AES256 Keyless® algorithm in a very short time.
With adequate hardware support (Server), it can process up to 150K QR Codes / Codes in 10 seconds

LOmnia does not integrate a graphical interface for the operator / user.
LOmnia processes POST commands received via API. It remains the responsibility of the manager / programmer to generate POST requests from their management system.


What you can do with LOmnia
QR Code / Keyless® Codes generation via POST API with JSON response
QR Code / Keyless® Code, control unit setting and modification
QR Code / Keyless® Code for setting the date and time of the control unit
QR Code / Keyless® Code Wi-Fi setting
QR Code / Keyless® Code Reset memory Keypad and Blacklist
QR Code / Keyless® access code (door opening / service activation) and relative lock
QR Code PATH Logger Wi-Fi setup
Okulo PICO protection and unlocking QR Code (activates Okulo-PICO anti-theft)
RING Keyless® Web access password (door opening / service activation)
Creating and Deleting a Group

Response via POST API commands with JSON response
List of access / service activation LOGs (received via Wi-Fi)
List of control units set
List of Wi-Fi Loggers set
QR Code / Codes / RING user list list and related authorizations & Blacklist listing
Control of connected / disconnected control units

Management control units
QR Code, RING, Codes Unlimited

LOmnia can be installed on Server with Windows 10,
Mac OSX, UBUNTU & MySql for all versions
RAM 8 Gbyte minimum Hard disk (depending on the quantity of QR Code)

All versions with QR Code / Codes are compatible with each other.
A single QR Code / Code can be used on all versions (mixed systems).
LOmnia is compatible with the following Keyless® products:
Okulo, Okulo II, Okulo PLUS, Okulo PLUS II, Okulo PICO, MHOM PICO.