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Access with QR Code on Okulo connected

(Updated at: 09-26-2021)

Okulo can also be connected to Wi-Fi (optional)



QR Code generated

(Updated at: 09-26-2021)

This is the number of satisfied users that Okulo daily to access doors or activate various services such as:

Luggage storage
Swimming Pools
Music rooms
Alpine Refuges

Okulo & Okulo PLUS

dedicated to everyone

they allow to offer one or more remotely manageable accesses to access doors or manage a service, with a simple QR Code on the SmartPhone, or printed on paper.
The QR Code can be generated from all over the world and shared with the user via: Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, etc.


allows you to manage remotely

all your rooms, common doors, garages, parking lots for cars, bicycles, scooters, luggage storage, conference rooms, main and secondary entrances, airports, customs areas, ports, docks, museums, cinemas, sports stadiums, hospitals, factories, islands Ecological for Campervans, Campsites, Bag Lockers, Automated Gun Storage, Showers and wherever there is the need to manage and control an access or service.

manually generate the QR Code online

with your PC, Mac or Tablet

# you can authorize a QR Code to open the door or activate a service at any time

# You can make the QR Code last from 1 minute to 50 years, up to 2 daily time slots in a weekly cycle, inhibit access to already generated QR Codes,
generate QR Code ONE SHOT (usable only once), generate QR Code N SHOT (usable to scale) and
Passepartout QR Code for your doors.

# You can decide for each individual user what, which and how many doors, how and when to open.

# do not come into contact with other people and tools ...
thus respecting the ANTI-COVID19 SOCIAL DISTANCE


with QR Code on-line generator Keyless


dal tuo sito internet

automatically generates upon purchase of services

from your website to your user with the Keyless API

# Keyless APIs allow you to generate QR Codes AUTOMATICALLY when purchasing the service, booking or accessing.

# services
Okulo Keyless® API (A-OKL)
Okulo PLUS Keyless® API (A-OKL-P)
generate a QR Code for opening or activating a service for the user based on the type of service offered by your website ... or from your software or APP for SmartPhone!

# if you rent bikes, cars or have parking by the hour, or you sell tickets online for concerts, paid chemical toilets, electric charging stations, storage of any kind, warehousing, temporary rentals, music rooms, offices by the hour, lockers bag storage, lockers for online shopping, gym passes, etc ..

# You no longer have to worry about sending the QR Code for accessing or activating the service, the customer at the time of online payment automatically receives the dedicated QR Code

how it works without connections

the system is based on an OTP (one time password)

as for the Banks, Okulo has in its heart, an algorithm able to understand what the scanned QR Code means.

Therefore, he does not need to receive the QR Code when valid ...

The user scans the QR Code generated by you or your website.

the QR Code includes the orders to be given to the control unit.
In fact, it is the user who programs the system by scanning the QR Code.

The QR Code has a validity (from date to date, from hours to hours, how many times a day, etc ..), decided by you and only works in that time frame.

You can install Okulo anywhere in the world and in any environment totally free of connections… .the electric current is enough….




cost analysis


  Kit Price € 599,00

  Management cost starting from € 15 / month
(10 Control units and unlimited QR Code)

   QR Code Keyless® Prices | Online manual generator & API

where to buy


Logger Wi-Fi


useful for saving electricity and controlling the events of your accesses

more info



    Use and installation manual

 CE & RoHS certification

   Okulo Product Brochure

   Okulo PLUS Product Brochure

   Preparations for installation

     Examples of installation

     API - Manual of procedures

   General catalog with prices

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