no more ...
Apply modulo iF to your electric or motorized lock ...
and the game is done!

3 tools

1 result
remote management (the real one)
without the Internet
without Cloud
without Wi-Fi
without expensive subscriptions

minimal dimensions

correct positioning
Keyless elements can easily be hidden
in niches or electric power boxes
where a good GSM signal persists

simple wiring

a couple of wires ... and start!
insert a SIM in the system and that's all!
this is the IF module

Keyless is a M2M(machinetomachine) System

Do not use the Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, TAG, NFC or other wireless technologies


The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

Keyless S.r.l.

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Via L.Giacomelli, 16
31100 Treviso | Italia 
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