Type the code to open the door

IntelRelay activates electrical utilities
Connected to it
(Air Conditioner, Boiler, Oven, etc.)

Opens the electric lock
or motorized

Type to open door

Activates the electrical system
and unlock the lock

Pull to get in

The lock is unblocked,
The door opens
(you can enter)

Push to close

Enter and
close the door
(from inside)

Turn the knob

Turn the knob
to close the lock
and put it safely

Turn the knob

Turn the knob
to open the lock

Pull to get out

Pull the door to get out

Push to close

Push the door to close it

Type to close

Deactivates the electrical system
and lock the lock

When the code expires automatically,
IntelRelay disables connected electrical utilities

IntelRelay guarantees the power-off, automatically!
You will not have the problem of wild and uncontrolled consumption.
Don't think about again, buy IntelRelay Keyless NOW!

Keyless is a M2M(machinetomachine) System

Do not use the Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, TAG, NFC or other wireless technologies


The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

Keyless S.r.l.

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Via L.Giacomelli, 16
31100 Treviso | Italia 
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