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Got one?

Do you want manage it from Remote?

No card ...
Without badges ...
No phone ...
Without remote control ...
Without fingerprint reader ...
Without expensive subscriptions ...?

Module IF

A revolutionary kit at an incredible price!

Small dimensions,
incredible power,
maximum security,
are the features that outline this extraordinary Kit.

Dedicated App

App for SmartPhone iOS, Android

A new App dedicated,
easy to use,
complete this amazing new Kit.

Energy Saving

Keep your home electric low cost

This is what you MUST to have!

A half pound of steel(anti-vandal) certified IP67 that guarantees access to your door only if you enter the correct opening code.

Safety and versatility

- Anticoercion
- Anti vandal
- Opening permissions in daily and weekly custom time slots
- Logical block of 3 minutes after 6 wrong passwords
- Keyboard lock from inside home
- Secure communication protocol
- Touch backlight
- Automatic opening code expiration
- Sliding-code visual anti-memory
- Stainless steel structure not deteriorating from water, sand, dust, mist, snow
- Buttons secured for a minimum of 4 million pressures
- Accessories for energy saving

Amazing App

allows you to manage everything remotely!
Adding or deleting keypad codes, it's easy like a piece of cake!
Predetermined deadlines or restricted time slot for single user access are a joke kids.
Monitoring and controlling access is immediate and customizable.
The whole thing, with the App Keyless commandable from all over the world ...

Keyless features

Keyless motorized lock is the most complete product on the security market, and meets all your needs; Even the most complex cases.
                Keyless has a range of motorized and non-powered kits, which offer various installation solutions and are applicable to all existing doors without invasive or mural interventions.
                In the field of motorized electronic locks applicable to European shaped tapered cylinders, Keyless is positioned as a European leader in the broader field of the industry.
Keyless offers the widest range of possibilities and features to meet all the requirements of combining domestic and industrial domotics.
To date, no other company is in a position to offer such a complete and easy-to-use system; Keyless is the only system in the world capable of managing access control without personal computers or other devices directly connected to the lock.
With its powerful smartphone app, remotely (the real one), you can handle all your doors, comfortably sitting in your armchair, or from the spa where you are.

All Keyless motorized locks can be combined with any already existing home automation system by connecting them directly to the pre-set outputs, with two wires on the control unit.

The Keyless motorized lock is installable by anyone who has a bit of familiarity with traditional tools (screwdriver, scissor, drill).
There is no limit to the imagination of application; We can match the motorized lock to any door where you need automation or a simplified access control.
Keyless is very interesting for door installation to facilitate access for disabled people with difficulty walking or severe articular arthrosis; Furthermore, it is possible to control the electronic lock even with a simple remote control, fingerprint reader, badge, button, TAG, or proximity detector to make automatic entry without obstacles.
                The Keyless motorized lock can be installed on armored doors, wooden doors, iron doors, PVC doors, aluminum doors and in particular on all doors with European cylinders.
                Keyless motorizes your lock without any difficulty and limitations. From today you can finally remove the keys from your pockets.
                Keyboard powered electronic locks allow entry only to authorized users without the need for particular tools or products to carry with it; The big advantage of the anti-vandal keyboard is just that: to have nothing in your pocket.
Forget the use of smartphones to break the door, or unstable and unsecured Bluetooth! No need! Keyless shakes him with a finger ... all over here!

                Example: If we are on the beach and go out in costume, we do not have the eternal obligation to bring us any badges, chips, transponders, keys or smartphones to be able to return home ... .. we simply type a code that authorizes the motorized opening .

                Do not wait yet, install the Keyless motorized electronic lock immediately!
                Whether your business is renting rooms or you have a Bed & Breakfast, Keyless with its products solves the keys-related issues. From now on, you can eliminate all the keys of the rooms and the entrance, installing a keyboard that by means of remote code with simple SMS that opens the door to your customers.

                Free and untied reception staff, keys are no longer needed, instead of waiting for the keys to the door, you can spend your free time at something else.
You can handle up to 25 ports remotely from a single GSM Communicator 485!
Send from the app adding a code, deciding which ports to authorize it, and it's done!
You can create even compulsory paths by authorizing that user only on some ports.

               Keyless electronic motor locks are the only ones that can be managed via a simple App / SMS from anywhere in the world; Comfortably sitting in a chair, lying on a beach or ski slopes, you can authorize or clear codes that open the door; Even with custom time slots. Today's keyless also features DRC (Door Remote Control) technology that allows you to authorize passwords or predefined deadlines.
                All you have to do 'and send the authorization with the new code or password from the application and set the expiration date.
                Your guest can open the door until that date and time, then the code or password will automatically turn off, leaving you free from any thought.

Your office or office at a time, Keyless lets you. With a simple and intuitive App for SmartPhone. Managing your Bed and Breakfast remotely? Renting apartments far from your home? Remote staff control? Do you want to know when someone is using the door? Want to control individual users? Do you intend to manage access controls from your SmartPhone or from any mobile phone? Do you want to go to the other side of the world and want to rent your property without anybody else's help? With iPhone and Android you can also use the Communicator 485 app that monitors the use of motorized locks. Check and manage your lock from Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy today. Run access control and monitor individual people from your mobile. Wherever you are, without constraints, without problems. Are you a fan of Air B & B (Air bed and breakfast)? Are you a fan of Bed and Breakfast, Apartment, Bed and Breakfast, Immobile, room? Apply now Keyless 485, you can manage your rent at a distance not only at a bureaucratic and economic level, but also at the material level. You no longer have to move to deliver your keys to your customers. Send a new access code, conveniently from your office. Immediately go for a Keyless, do not wait! Remember: Keyless 485 can now handle up to 25 ports with a single GSM Communicator that acts as a network concentrator with RS485 BUS. Worry and enjoy your free time ... without the keys! The most sought-after phrases for motorized electronic locks: Door opening with code activation locks by electric badgeporte with gsm password protection for remote door locking door for blinded door electronical door armored electronic lock electronic Door locksmith door doorway home door opening with badgemotorize door casachiusura door with code or key box for opening electronic door lockout vitalia

Keyless is a M2M(machinetomachine) System

Do not use the Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, TAG, NFC or other wireless technologies


The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

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