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The engine runs fatigue or does not move

• Check if you have tightened the screws of the motor head too much or not, the tang must be perfectly perpendicular to the motor head, if you insert the thicknesses between the door panel and the motor head to align it
• controls the movement of the engine by hand through the open door knob
• Controls all locking mechanisms of the lock: floor rods, rods upwards, clasps, latch, tight guard too, badly mounted cylinder, damaged cylinder, lock with mechanisms to lubricate
• you can adjust the speed and power of the motor by adjusting the screw on the grid side of the power supply, by turning to the right, lowering the speed, increasing to the left; Keep in mind that in this case go to increase the output voltage max 13.8V

The sensor behaves strangely: sometimes it also indicates that the door is also closed

• The Keyless sensor is of a mechanical but also magnetic nature
• Check if a metal chips or metal part has been deposited at the back of the sensor

I have connected all the wires, but when the system is not booting, the system does not start

• Verify if you have properly connected the wires in compliance with the color legend, check with a tester if the power supply comes out 12V with a tolerance of ± 5%
• Check if the 220V input voltage on the power supply is present

The engine turns the other way around

• Check if you have correctly connected the wires to the motor, respecting the positive and negative motor position on the right of the door, by inverting the wires instead for the motor mounted to the left of the door. Remember to type the Open Masterpassword to enter the programming menu and set the end of the run with the "640" function.

The closing motor blows at the end of travel

• Manually set the closing end stroke: With the door open after typing the Masterpassword and entering the programming menu, enter the "640" function. The lock opens and releases the latch; Now manually rotate the knob to the desired end stroke position, be careful not to go backwards during manual feed, then type "#" for confirmation. Close the door to test it all

The system starts up correctly but the engine does not move

• Verify if the encoder's BLUE-BROWN-GREEN wires and the motor wires are properly connected and are not damaged or interrupted in the path to the control unit
• Unplug the motor wires, connect a 12V power supply directly to the motor contacts to see if it rotates

The system starts up correctly, but when I close the door the engine does not close

• Checks whether the contact leads correctly close the circuit (the door contact must be of the NO type - "normal open")
• Check whether the Day & Night switch on the Cover is in the correct position

The system does not start and does not emit the three start sounds

• Check if the green LED on the control unit is on flashing
• Check all connections across the system and make sure that there are no cable breaks or short circuits on the ground and that no wire touches the copper mass or negative
• Make sure that the CPU is properly inserted into the PCB board
• Ensure that the power supply is at least 12V in the control unit, otherwise the power cord will probably have a too small section with the resulting voltage drop; Replace the cable with a larger section.
• you can increase the voltage and, consequently, the motor's force by working on the screw on the grid side of the power supply, turning it to the right decreasing it, to the left it increases.

After a period of inactivity, when typing the code to open, the system does not react immediately but there is a delay

• It is absolutely normal for this to happen: the system that works 24/7 continuously enters the pause mode after a certain period of inactivity to carry out the garbage collection; So it restarts at the first keyboard touch with a delay ranging from 1 to 5 seconds.

It happened that once I typed the code, but the system refused my entry

• Probably someone has 'been amused' by accidentally typing a code to attempt unauthorized entry in the past three minutes. The system allows you to enter up to 30 keys in sequence, after which it is inhibited for three minutes. At the expiration of which it returns fully operational.

Occasionally when I open the door, the latch is not released

• Check the operation of the door sensor, if it is of a mechanical type that it does not get stuck or pressed simulating the closed door

The lock outputs 2 sound errors in the lock

• It is likely that the lock in the closing phase will encounter an invincible obstacle
• In this case, mechanically adjust the lock or door to release the movement
• Make sure that all mandates are closed
• The system is factory supplied, with a "CLOSURE ANOMAL" audible warning if it fails to close at least 50% of the total mandates
• You can change the percentage by using the "670" function from the menu '

At the latch release of the engine, the lock from the halfway to the chains

• With some models of armored locks, the defect was found due to incorrect assembly of the gears by the parent company.
• In this case, set the latch release stroke by using the "690" function.
• Check the CAM direction of the rest position

The GSM Communicator module does not receive SMS

• The GSM Communicator module receives and sends SMS only to "closed port"
• Check the remaining credit or SIM expiration date
• Check the cable connection with the control unit
• Check the quality of SIM reception via the five green LEDs on the GSM card
• Try using other SIMs from other phone companies
• Often with the same phone operator, but with different devices, you have completely different receptions. Do not rely on receiving your mobile phone, always check the green LEDs

The GSM Communicator module does not send "Monitor" alerts

• The GSM Communicator module sends the "monitoring" alerts of the users you have chosen only if the function is enabled.
• Enable the function via the App or via SMS via the "MS"

The GSM Communicator module does not "exclude relays with ringing"

• The GSM Communicator module excites relays with SMS (fdefault), or rings only if the "Outgoing Relay with Ringing" function is enabled
• Enable the function via the App or by SMS via the "IS"
• Check if the wires have been correctly connected from the GSM Communicator relay terminal to the automation you want to activate.

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