Bed & Breakfast?  Apartment to Rent?

From today you can manage your renting, bed and breakfast, holiday homes, comfortable sitting in the armchair without having to give keys!

how Keyless works?

Install Keyless and a SIM on your lock, download the Communicator App and manage your property worldwide. WITHOUT INTERNET, Wi-Fi, Cloud, etc.

Buy it now and take advantage of its benefits immediately.
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Fields of application

Bed & Breakfast
Holidays home
Short-term Rent
Shared office hours
Common areas
Waiting rooms
Office in joint ownership
Property in Time Sharing
Personal homes

Building with more doors?

Keyless 485 easily handles up to 25 doors with a unique App!
You do not have to worry about giving up keys and explaining the paths to get to your door.
Send a code, share it with the user and that's all.

Keyless is thinking about the rest ...

Keyless is a M2M(machinetomachine) System

Do not use the Internet, Cloud, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, TAG, NFC or other wireless technologies


The overwhelming and archaic keys are now replaced by safe and innovative electronic systems, guaranteeing a better quality of life with safety.

Keyless S.r.l.

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